How to Grow Microgreens Without Soil




How to Grow Microgreens Without Soil



#.How to Grow Microgreens Without Soil

#.How to Grow Microgreens Without Soil

You don’t need to get dirty as you grow plants. Amicably, why not invest in developing them without soil? Plants have certain nutrients from soil like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen.

Our focus here is the microgreens plant. Microgreens tend to grow faster, and you can harvest them in the second growth stage. Most importantly, use the hydroponic gardening process to produce them.

In this article, we shall discuss in broad on things to follow in microgreens growing kit without soil:

Tips to Consider in microgreens growing kit Without soil


1. Why grow microgreens Hydroponically?

• Saves space

To grow microgreens, you do not require to use a lot of space. Typically, you can grow them in any place, be it in the garage or on shelves.

• No need to use a lot of water

In hydroponics, you don’t require a lot of water to use when planting. Equally, no irrigation is done, and thus very convenient to grow.

• Grow under any weather condition

You find that in hydroponic gardening, you can grow plants throughout the year. You will not worry about the change of water anyway! Besides, it is the best way to develop a plant without much water.

• Undemanding when growing

In the microgreens growing kit, you will note that it is a very simple process to use. Furthermore, it keeps your house spotlessly clean as before. You can develop microgreens even on countertops in your kitchen area.

2. Requirements to grow microgreens Without soil

• Seeds

Most importantly, purchase the seeds from your local nursery or search online retailers. The key focus here is that we need the sources to proceed. Do not subject them to insect bites.

• Growing Substrates

You require the substrates to keep in place the seeds as they sprout. Substrates give support to the roots as they undergo the hydroponics systems.

• Growing trays

Use a tray to grow your microgreens. Ensure the tray is 1.5 inches deep. Moreover, it can be 20*10 inches in length and width subsequently. Don’t put holes on your tray if you intend to raise them hydroponically.

• PH testing kit

As the microgreens grow, consider the PH range for better growth and development of the plant. Ensure you have a PH range of six on your water. Use a PH testing kit for accurate content.

• Source of lights

In the beginning, as seeds germinate, they tend not to require lights. Photosynthesis begins after 4-5 days. Besides, use direct sunlight or purchase LED grow light to facilitate the process.

• Compost or nutrients

Ensure you use the proper nutrients used in hydroponic gardening to grow your microgreens. Most importantly, they boost the growth and development of microgreens.

• Spray bottle

The spray bottle is essential to water your plant.

3. Preparation in growing the microgreens without soil

• Prepare the water

Hydroponics involves using water all way. Amicably, make your water standard and quality to use. Ensure you use rainwater or distilled water. Typically, if you use tap water, ensure it stands still for like one day.

Test the water PH level using the PH kit. Equally, phosphoric acid will lower the PH level. Add compost or nutrients and fill your spray bottle.

• Prepare the tray

Have with you good medium-size trays. You can also prepare the coconut coir in advance. Equally, have a layout spread uniformly on the tray and ensure it fills up to one inch of your tray.

The coconut coir tends to be a bit cheaper. Another option you have is growing mats that are less messy and easy to use.

4. How to get started with the Actual work

Having learned what contains in the microgreens growing kit, let’s focus on the next course of action:

• Plant the seeds

Read carefully the instructions provided in the packages of the seeds. Take two to three tablespoons of seeds. Spread the seeds uniformly in the tray and follow keenly on the next steps to take.

Ensure you don’t create much space as you spread them. Would you please don’t leave a spot when laying? Equally, you might be messing up with their growth and development.

• Moist the seeds.

Having spread the seeds in the tray, make them stay moist. Besides, ensure you protect the roots by covering the tray. Do not cover the tray completely. Leave it for about 3-4 days for the seeds to start germinating.

Always keep the area as warm as possible. Equally, moisten the tray every 12 hours using a spray bottle. In addition, use the adjusted PH water to have quality microgreens.

• Germinates starts

As discussed earlier, germination starts after 3-4 days. During germination, ensure your tray is in a warm and dark place. Amicably, it aids in the airflow of the seeds.

Keep the soil tray moist by spraying after every 12 hours. The seeds will start to shoot. You have another option of pouring a cup of water in your tray for like 10-20 minutes every day. Moreover, do this until you harvest the microgreens.

• Use direct or LED lights.

From here no need to spray the seeds with water. Furthermore, you have already poured a cup of water daily, go to the next step. Let your plant enjoy some lights for growth and development. Direct sunlight makes your plant have a healthy growth and thus a better harvest afterward.

• Harvest the microgreens

The microgreens will now be ready for harvest in the next 10-14 days. Check for the first set of true leaves to determine if they are ready. Have with you a sharp pair of scissors and cur the microgreens.

Most importantly, do not cut the roots; cut just the stems.

• Use microgreens on the same day.

Take them as they are fresh. On the other hand, store microgreens correctly if you are not to use them on the same day. You can keep them using a damp towel in a cool place.

Key Takeaway Tip

Getting equipped on how microgreens growing kit involves is vital to most of us. You will not take much time and space if you use the hydroponic gardening process. You can raise the microgreens without soil at your ideal time and period. Why not try to develop them and you won’t regret it anyway!


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