Net Pots for Hydroponics



Net Pots for Hydroponics


Net pots are slotted or webbed containers with holes on their bottoms and sides. They come in many sizes and shapes but are generally square or round.

These containers secure growing medium and plants in hydroponic systems enabling nutrients and water to flow easily to and from the plant roots.

They are suited in a variety of growing mediums and will enable liquid to flow freely past plant roots.

As the plant grows, the roots can extend out of the net pot holes and grow down through the pots to search for water.

Net pots do not only provide plants with growth potential and stability but also encourage a strong healthy root system.

They offer a simple, quick, cost-effective, and easy way to make your own hydroponic system.

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#.Net Pots for Hydroponics

What Are Net Pots Used For?


In most cases, net pots are utilized as anchors in the hydroponic growing systems. They can also be used as an actual growing medium or to contain the system’s growing medium.

These pots are submerged or semi-submerged on top of the growing system. For instance, they enable the plant roots to dangle in the water and absorb nutrients and water in the deep water culture system.

On the other hand, Ebb and flow systems suspend the pots in growing pipes that are drained and flooded. The pots hold the plants in place and enable them to absorb oxygen and nutrients as needed.


What Can I Put in Hydroponic Net Pots?


Ideally, these pots can be filled with any sort of growing medium perfect for hydroponic growing systems. There are very few growing mediums that are not visible including peat moss and sand.

Here are the best mediums that you can fill to the net pots:

• Grow sponges

• Clean gravel

• Clay pebbles

• Rockwool


Can You Use Soil in Net Pots?


It is not suggested to use soil in pots. This is because the soil is not a good medium for them as it tends to become waterlogged or too compacted.

Seeds that are planted on net pots with soil are prone to rotting. In addition to that, plants may break off or get damaged when you try to remove them.


Are Square or Round Net Pots Better?

Square or round pots are both useful. However, several factors make a marked difference between square and round net pots but it is not clear which one is better.

Round pots- enables a large number of pots to property fit into growing hydroponic system or tray. However, the roots may wrap around and become tangled.

Square net pots- these pots tend to fit more seeds and enable easier plants removal. Nevertheless, they may not fit well some growing systems.


Can You Reuse Net Pots?


As with many growing mediums such as smooth gravel and clay pellets, most net pots can be reused. It is good to ensure that you clean their property before re-using them.

Some gardeners sterilize the pots by quickly boiling them in between each reuse. Depending on the materials used in construction and the quality, you can re-use them for many years.


What Can You Grow in Two-Inch Net Pots?


2-inch pots are perfect for growing systems, particularly ebb and flow and NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) type setup. They are ideal for growing small leafy veggies like spinach and lettuce.

These net pots are likewise perfect for propagating clones since they are small in size.


What can you grow in a vertical hydroponic garden?

A vertical hydroponic garden also called a window farm is a vertical hydroponics system, which includes a hydroponic wall, A-Frame hydroponic system, and Net Pots. It can be utilized to grow a variety of crops including Swiss chard, lettuce, strawberry, broccoli, kale, spinach, herbs, and flowering petunia.


What Can I Use Instead of Net Pots?


Net pots are a perfect choice for hydroponic growing systems, nevertheless, there are some alternatives which include:



Grow sponges













Gardening containers












Plastic cups












Plastic bottles












Foam cups










Remember that these options weigh less when compared to pots and they may need additional weight for keeping them in place in your growing system.

You can add a growing medium including clay pellets or pebbles to add weight. Moreover, all the above will need cutting for you to make slits or holes for them to replicate the functionality of the net cup.

You can use cotton balls to stick the plants at the bottom if you do not add any extra weight.


What Size Net Pots Do I Need?


The net pots size varies depending on the type of plant you want to grow. Let us discuss what sizes you require for the most popular things grown with hydroponic systems.


What Size Net Pots for Tomatoes?


Two-inch pots are perfect for growing hydroponic tomatoes. Nevertheless, larger tomato plants can do perfectly when you use 4-inch net pots


What Size Net Pots for Hydroponic Lettuce?


If you want to grow hydroponic lettuce, then the best size Pots is 2- inches. 3-inches and 4 inches may too be perfect for hydroponic crops that are larger than normal.


What Size Net Pots for Peppers?


Hydroponically pepper plants need 2-inch, 4- inch, or 6 inches net pots contingent upon what kind of hydroponic system you use and the species you grow.


What Size Net Pots for Spinach?


Two-inch pots are perfect for growing Spinach, like lettuce. Anything large is a waste of growing medium and space.


What Size Net Pots for Strawberries?


2-inch to 4-inch pots are perfect for growing Strawberries depending on the variety of berry.


Factors to Consider When Using and Choosing Hydroponic Pots


Space- if you have a height restriction, then you require to look for shorter pots. And this will equate to having shorter plants.

Temperature – this factor usually catches many growers out, especially the ones who are first starting. If you are using HID grow lights and growing indoors or your plants are in places where they receive direct sunlight, you will notice that your pots are drying out quickly. You can opt for larger pots to remain moist, however, this can come with potential rotting of the roots or stunted growth (suffocation).


Plants- The plant that you want to grow will dictate the pot size. If you are planting cuttings or seedlings, then the size of the pot will be small when compared to when you are planting healthy growing plants.


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